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Florida // Tallahassee, FL // Southern Region // Eastern/Central Time
(The Sunshine State)
Spanish cession: February 22, 1819
Territory established: March 30, 1822
Statehood granted: March 3, 1845 // 27th state

Secession from Union:

January 10, 1861
Confederacy joined: February 10, 1861
Civil War: April 12, 1861 - May 9, 1865
Readmitted to Congress: June 25, 1868
End of Reconstruction: January 2, 1877
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#4284 // September 2, 2008
(self-adhesive coil definitive)
Flags of Our Nation Series
Florida State Flag
and anhinga bird
#1961 // April 14, 1982
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
State Bird & Flower of
(Mimus polyglottus)
and Orange Blossom
#1659 // February 23, 1976
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
American Bicentennial Series
Florida State Flag

#927 // March 3, 1945 // Tallahassee, FL
Florida Statehood

State Seal,
Gates of St. Augustin,
State Capitol at Tallahassee, FL
#2950 // March 3, 1995 // Tallahassee, FL
Florida Statehood

American Alligator
(Alligator mississippiensis)
#952 // December 5, 1947 // Florida City, FL
Dedication of the
Everglades National Park,
Florida, on December 6, 1947

Great White Heron (Ardea alba)
and Map of Florida
#1271 // August 28, 1965 // St. Augustine, FL
400th Anniversary of
the Settlement of Florida

Spanish Explorer and Ships,
Royal Flag of Spain

#4750/53 // April 3, 2013 // St. Augustine, FL
(pane of four se-tenant stamps and pictorial selvage)
500th Anniversary
of the Naming of Florida

Red and pink hibiscus;
Yellow cannas;
Morning glories
in shades of purple, red, and white;
White and purple passionflowers

The selvage of the pane depicts an imagined
scene of explorers traveling in a small boat along
a river or channel surrounded by tropical foliage.
During the Easter season of 1513, Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon (* ca. 1460, † 1521) first visited the state today know as Florida. He named the land "La Florida" for Pascua Florida ("Feast of the Flowers"), Spain's Easter celebration, and for the verdant display of vegetation that the explorers could see from their ship.

#4649 // February 28, 2012 // St. Petersburg, FL
Priority Mail Stamp
Sunshine Skyway Bridge
The construction of the "Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge" began in 1982 and the completed bridge was dedicated on February 7, 1987. The bridge, spanning Tampa Bay, FL, with a total length of 4.1 miles (6,67 km), replaced an older bridge built in 1954 and partly destroyed on May 9, 1980. During a thunderstorm the freighter "MV Summit Venture" collided with a pier (supporting column) involving the collapse of the southbound span of the bridge.

#3569 // April 4, 2002
(ex pane of 50 stamps, one for each state)
Greetings from Florida

Illustration of contemporary postcard
in the style of the 1930s/1940s

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The origin of the state name are the Spanish words
"Pascua Florida", meaning "Feast of the Flowers" (Easter).
Land Area
rounded mi2 [km2]
53,927 [139.670]
ranked 26th
(census 2010)
ranked 4th
Population Density
per mi2 [km2] of land area
351 [135]
ranked 9th
The State of Florida has 67 counties.


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