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New York // Albany, NY // Middle Atlantic Region // Eastern Time
(The Empire State)
Dutch West India Co. trading post: 1614
Dutch colony Nieuw Nederland: 1624 - 1664 (English conquest)
(Proprietary) Colony established: 1664 by Duke of York and Albany,
Royal Colony in 1685
Independence declared: July 19, 1776
Union admittance: July 26, 1788 // 11th state
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#4310 // April 16, 2010
(self-adhesive coil definitive)
Flags of Our Nation Series
New York State Flag
fireboats and city skyline
#1984 // April 14, 1982
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
State Bird & Flower of
New York
Eastern Bluebird
(Sialia sialis)
and Rose
#1643 // February 23, 1976
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
American Bicentennial Series
New York State Flag

#1023 // September 14, 1953 // Oyster Bay, NY
Opening of Sagamore Hill,
Theodore Roosevelt's home,
as a national shrine

Sagamore Hill, the home of
Theodore Roosevelt (* 1858, † 1919),
26th US President (in office 1901 - 1909),
was built in 1884 in Oyster Bay
on Long Island, Nassau County, NY.
#2346 // July 26, 1988 // Albany, NY
New York Statehood,
Ratification of the Constitution
on July 26, 1788

Wall Street, Federal Hall,
and Trinity Church,
New York City, NY

#961 // August 2, 1948 // Niagara Falls, NY
USA - Canada Friendship

Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge,
opened in 1855 and replaced by the
Whirlpool Rapids steel arch bridge in 1897

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The double-decked bridge, constructed by German-American civil engineer John Augustus Roebling
(* 1806, † 1869), spanned in a total length of 825 feet (251 m) the Niagara River gorge linking
the Canadian Province of Ontario and the State of New York, USA.

#C133 // May 12, 1999 // Niagara Falls, NY
self-adhesive Air Mail Stamp
Niagara Falls, NY

Photo taken from the New York shoreline
by nature photographer Kurt Ross

#3592 // April 4, 2002
(ex pane of 50 stamps, one for each state)
Greetings from New York

Illustration of contemporary postcard
in the style of the 1930s/1940s

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The state and the capital Albany was named in honor of the
English Duke of York and Albany (James Stuart, * 1633, † 1701),
brother of the English King Charles II. (* 1630, r. 1660, † 1685)
when the colony Nieuw Nederland was taken from the Dutch in 1664.
Land Area
rounded mi2 [km2]
47,214 [122.284]
ranked 30th
(census 2010)
ranked 3rd
Population Density
per mi2 [km2] of land area
410 [158]
ranked 7th
The State of New York has 62 counties.
Each of the five boroughs of New York City is also a county of New York State.
New York shares in the north on the 45th parallel and in the west
a 445-mile-long (716 km) international border with the Canadian
provinces of Quebec (QC) and Ontario (ON).

The ZIP code turned 50 in 2013

Stamped Cards 

#UX158 // August 21, 1991 // Niagara Falls, NY
Stamped Postal Card
America the Beautiful Series
Niagara Falls, NY
The Niagara River, which connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, also forms a natural boundary between the USA and Canada. Midway downstream, Goat Island separates the river into a series of rapids which then forms the famous Niagara Falls, the Canadian Horseshoe Falls and the US American Falls.


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