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Wisconsin // Madison, Dane County, WI // Midwest Region // Central Time
(The Badger State)
Territory established[1]: July 4, 1836
Statehood granted: May 29, 1848 // 30th state
[1] Wisconsin was formed out of land from the Northwest Territory.
[View maps of Northwest Territory]

#4330 // August 16, 2012
(self-adhesive coil definitive)
Flags of Our Nation Series
Wisconsin State Flag
and dairy cattle
#2001 // April 14, 1982
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
State Bird & Flower of
(Turdus migratorius)
and Wood Violet
#1662 // February 23, 1976
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
American Bicentennial Series
Wisconsin State Flag

#739 // July 7, 1934 // Green Bay, WI
Perforation 11
#755 // March 15, 1935
collectors issue
imperforated and ungummed
Wisconsin Tercentennary
Jean Nicolet arriving on the shores of Green Bay of Lake Michigan,
based on a
painting (1904) by Edward W. Deming (* 1860, † 1942)

Jean Nicolet (* 1598, † 1642), French explorer, had been seeking a short route
to China, but instead became the first white man to reach the territory now
comprising the State of Wisconsin.
#957 // May 29, 1948 // Madison, WI
Wisconsin Statehood

Map of Wisconsin on scroll,
State motto "FORWARD",
State Capitol, Madison, WI
(built in 1906/1917 in Beaux-Arts
architectural style)

#3206 // March 19, 1998 // New York, NY
(Hidden "badger" image)
Wisconsin Statehood

Farmland and Farm buildings
The stamp contains the hidden image
of a "badger" (see yellow marking).
Please click on stamp to display enlarged
size for better viewing.

Those covert designs are only visible
when viewed through the special lense
of the USPS Stamp Decoder device.

#3609 // April 4, 2002
(ex pane of 50 stamps, one for each state)
Greetings from Wisconsin

Illustration of contemporary postcard
in the style of the 1930s/1940s

View Wisconsin state quarter
View Wisconsin state map
View Wisconsin clock

The state name is based on the Chippewa Indian word "ouisconsin",
believed to mean "grassy place".
Land Area
rounded mi2 [km2]
54,310 [140.662]
ranked 25th
(census 2010)
ranked 20th
Population Density
per mi2 [km2] of land area
105 [40]
ranked 25th
The State of Wisconsin has 72 counties.

The ZIP code turned 50 in 2013

Stamped Postal Cards 

#UX113 // July 3, 1986 // Mineral Point, WI
Stamped Postal Card
Wisconsin Territory

Miners, Shake Rag Street Housing

#UX301 // February 5, 1999 // Madison, WI
Stamped Postal Card
University of Wisconsin-Madison,
Bascom Hill,

Bascom Hill, featured on the stamp, is the main quadrangle that forms the
symbolic core of the University of Wisconsin campus. The architectural complex
was built in 1849 mainly in Gothic and Romanesque style.

Bascom hill and hall are named after John Bascom (* 1827, † 1911),
sixth President (1874 - 1887) of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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