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West Virginia // Charleston, WV // Southern Region // Eastern Time
(The Mountain State)
Statehood granted[1]: June 20, 1863 // 35th state
[1] Secession from the Commonwealth of Virginia
during the American Civil War (1861 - 1865)
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#4329 // August 16, 2012
(self-adhesive coil definitive)
Flags of Our Nation Series
West Virginia State Flag
flock of wild turkeys
#2000 // April 14, 1982
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
State Bird & Flower of
West Virginia
Red Cardinal
(Cardinal cardinalis),
Rhododendron Maximum
#1667 // February 23, 1976
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
American Bicentennial Series
West Virginia State Flag

#1232 // June 20, 1963 // Wheeling, WV
(Wheeling was the state's first capital)
West Virginia Statehood

Outline map and State Capitol
in Charleston, WV
#4790 // June 20, 2013 // Charleston, WV
West Virginia Statehood

Early morning view looking east from the
Highland Scenic Highway (US Route 150)
in Pocahontas County, WV, within
Monongahela National Forest
#4511 // April 11, 2011 // Fayetteville, WV
Priority Mail Stamp with Microprint "USPS"
New River Gorge Bridge

Construction of the bridge started in 1974 and was opened to traffic in 1977.
The bridge is part of US Highway 19, the "Mountaineer Expressway".
The 3,030 feet (924 m) steel-arch bridge spans the gorge of the New River in
Fayette County, WV, in the Appalachian Mountains.

#4927 // September 29, 2014 // Danese, WV
Priority Mail Stamp
Glade Creek Grist Mill
The stamp art captures the historic, aged beauty of the mill in its pristine setting along Glade Creek. The water flows by the mill and around boulders and rock formations along the creek bed. Surrounding the mill are trees in early autumn colors of greens, yellows, and oranges.
Located in Babcock State Park in Fayette County, WV, the mill looks as though it has existed on that site for hundreds of years. In reality, it is a modern re-creation, completed in 1976, of a mill that had once stood nearby on Glade Creek. The look is authentic, however, as the new mill was constructed from parts taken from three historic West Virginia mills.

#3608 // April 4, 2002
(ex pane of 50 stamps, one for each state)
Greetings from West Virginia

Illustration of contemporary postcard
in the style of the 1930s/1940s

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The state is named in honor of
Elizabeth I. (* 1533, r. 1558, † 1603) "The Virgin Queen" of England.
The major glass marble manufacturing company in the US is located in
Paden City along the Ohio River, Tyler and Wetzel Counties, WV.
Land Area
rounded mi2 [km2]
24,078 [62.362]
ranked 41st
(census 2010)
ranked 37th
Population Density
per mi2 [km2] of land area
77 [30]
ranked 30th
The State of West Virginia has 55 counties.


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