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Utah // Salt Lake City, UT // Western Region // Mountain Time
(The Beehive State)
Mexican cession: February 2, 1848
Territory established: September 9, 1850
Statehood granted: January 4, 1896 // 45th state
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#4324 // August 16, 2012
(self-adhesive coil definitive)
Flags of Our Nation Series
Utah State Flag
blooming cactus,
highly stylized arch formation
#1996 // April 14, 1982
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
State Bird & Flower of
California Gull
(Largus argentatus californicus)
and Sego Lilly
#1677 // February 23, 1976
(ex pane of 50 different stamps)
American Bicentennial Series
Utah State Flag

#922 // May 10, 1944 // Ogden, UT
75th Anniversary of the Completion
of the first Transcontinal Railroad

"The Golden Spike Ceremony",
based on a mural by artist John McQuarrie
(*1871, † 1944)
On May 10, 1869, the tracks of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railroad companies met at Promontory, UT. The stamp and the mural in the Union Pacific Terminal in Salt Lake City, UT, are well know because the smoke and the flag on the painting blow in opposite directions.

#950 // July 24, 1947 // Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Settlement

Mormon Pioneers entering the Valley
of Great Salt Lake in 1847,
inscription "This is the Place", words which Mormon
leader Brigham Young (* 1801, † 1877) said
when he led early pioneers on their
trip to Utah
#3024 // January 4, 1996 // Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Statehood

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park,
a red rock wonderland with over 2,000
natural stone arches, in addition to
hundreds of soaring pinnacles, massive
fins and giant balanced rocks near Moab, UT

#3604 // April 4, 2002
(ex pane of 50 stamps, one for each state)
Greetings from Utah

Illustration of contemporary postcard
in the style of the 1930s/1940s

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The state name originates from an Apache Indian word "yuttahih",
meaning "one that is higher up". Europeans thought the word refered to
Indians living higher in the mountains than the Navajo Indians and the
territory became known as the land of the Utes.
Utah is the most religiously homogeneous state in the Union. Approximately 63%
of the population are reported to be members (commonly known as Mormons) of
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (LDS Church),
which greatly influences the culture and daily life of Utah. The world headquarter
of the LDS Church is located in Utah's state capital Salt Lake City.
Land Area
rounded mi2 [km2]
82,144 [212.752]
ranked 12th
(census 2010)
ranked 34th
Population Density
per mi2 [km2] of land area
34 [13]
ranked 42nd
The State of Utah has 29 counties.

Stamped Cards

#UX83 // April 5, 1980 // Salt Lake City, UT
Stamped Postal Card
Historic Preservation Series
Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

The largest temple and world headquarter of
"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"
(LDS Church, Mormons)

is the centerpiece of the 10-acre (4,0 ha) Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
The temple is not open to the püblic.

Dedicated by Wilford Woodruff (* 1807, † 1898), on February 14, 1853
and cornerstone laid by Mormon prophet Brigham Young (* 1801, † 1877)
on April 6, 1853, it took 40 years to complete the temple in 1893.
Mormon pioneer and architect Truman Osborn Angell (* 1810, † 1887)
designed the temple with both Gothic and Romanesque elements.

#UX312 // February 28, 2000 // Salt Lake City, UT
Stamped Postal Card
University of Utah

Organized by Mormon prophet Brigham Young (* 1801, † 1877), the university was
established on Feb 28, 1850 as the "University of Deseret" by the General Assembly of the
provisional "State of Deseret", making it Utah's oldest institution of higher education.
It received its current name in 1892, four years before Utah attained statehood,
and moved to its current location in 1900.


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